Our Values

Multiculti Co's clothes are made by some of the world’s lowest income and marginalised women, including refugees and indigenous women. We reinvest our profits into providing an ongoing, fair, ethical income for our Mama makers, making Multiculti Co a social enterprise. Or as we like to call ourselves, "a sewcial enterprise".

The "Co" in Multiculti Co stands for our brand values:

We are a:
 Community that celebrates and embraces cultural diversity with our children
of unique, traditionally made slow fashion for babies, children, and their mamas and papas from around the world
between mamas across borders and cultural divides, manifesting in the realisation that the deep love and aspiration we have for our children transcends our differences.

 strategies are applied to maximise improvements in disadvantaged women's economic and social empowerment and the consequent benefits to their children, community and nation.
 is at the core of all that we do, and facilitating further funds, training, assistance and understanding for the world’s poorest women whenever possible.

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