The Multiculti Co Logo

We have just had our new logo designed, and its so exciting to share it with you!

The brief was quite specific:

"a crescent moon embracing a diverse array of stars".

We told our designer that to capture the ethos of Multiculti Co, they would need to capture the following...

The Moon:

  • is often interpreted across cultures as maternal
  • a crescent moon is seen as a creator, bringing forth a new cycle
  • connects us, as no matter where we stand on the planet, and no matter what our culture, we look up to, ponder and celebrate under the moon.
The moon in Multiculti Co's logo represents the creative mother and the connecting force that is motherhood across cultures.

The Stars:

  • will represent the diverse cultures of the world
  • will have different colours and patterns on them to represent diverse cultures. We selected the four founding cultures and patterns for the stars:
    • the red and white keffiyeh traditional to the Bedouin from the Middle East
    • the floral embroiderty traditional to Indigenous artisans in Mexico
    • Indian blockprint motif, an artisanal handicraft which we at Multiculti Co adore, and
    • a vibrant African wax print flower motif, popular throughout West Africa.
    • The fifth star represents the future cultures and patterns that Multiculti Co will embrace as we grow our diverse community.

Our amazing designer carefully selected the colours to connect with Multiculti Co's brand values.

So, what do you think of our new logo? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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