The India Collection

Multiculti Co's India Collection is handmade every single step of the way. The khadi cotton is hand-loomed, and the fabric has been dyed and block-printed by hand. The quilting, button making and sewing has also been performed by hand.

Multiculti Co has partnered with an organisation that empowers India's most marginalised women to enter self employment in their artisanal handicrafts. Our artisans receive a fair wage, as well as training and support to access health care, child care and educational institutions for their children, and to exercise the skills they need for self determination.

In purchasing this clothing made exclusively for Multiculti Co, you will have a direct impact on providing a sustainable income to some of India's most marginalised women, and the opportunity for them to continue in artisanal cottage industries such as handlooming and block-printing. Multiculti Co strives to embrace cultural diversity, ethical fashion and traditional artisanal practices and we believe our India Collection reflects this. The video below tells the story of a few of the Indian women who sew for Multiculti Co. 



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