Habibti Puff Sleeve Dress

Habibti Puff Sleeve Dress

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A Syrian Dress for Australian Girls.

When you purchase a Habibti Puff Sleeve Dress, you are supporting Syrian and Palestinian refugees with an ethically produced garment made with love and care. Habibti is an Arabic term of endearment for women and girls, meaning Darling.

Each garment in our Middle East Collection has been made from the traditional headscarf material of the Middle East (keffiyeh), traditionally worn by the Bedouin, the Middle East's nomadic desert dwellers. The red and white keffiyeh is traditional to Jordan and Syria, and the black and white is traditional to Palestine (as made famous by Yasser Arafat). We are now sold out of the black and white dresses.

Keffiyeh is made of 50% cotton blended with 50% polyester, which means the material is soft to the touch and won’t wrinkle. This garment can be cold machine washed.

This is the perfect trans-seasonal dress, beautiful in Autumn, Winter and Spring.

There also many options to extend the look, and increase the social impact of your purchase and benefits to refugees. The Habibti Dress can be worn with a Habibti Headscarf or Headband, or you could twin with your Mama/Big Sister/Grandma/Aunt in a Ladies Habibti Keffiyeh skirt. Not to mention twinning with your brother or sister! There is also a matching baby doll!

Finally, you could consider making an outright donation directly to Syrian refugees, which will be used to purchase them basic essentials such as undergarments, hygiene products, a food box or school supplies. 100% of donations go directly to refugees - click here.

If you would like to learn more about the direct impact your purchase will have on providing a sustainable income to refugee women, watch this video. And we thank you for your generous contribution to empower our mama makers and their children. We hope you love your Habibti Puff Sleeve Dress.