Multicultural Baby Dolls - Boys

Multicultural Baby Dolls - Boys

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Children love to play with dolls, and this is an easy way to introduce celebration of diversity early on.  We have sourced anatomically correct dolls (boys and girls) with well-defined ethnic features, to represent to East Asian, South American and African populations. This page lists boy doll options.

If you would like a girl doll, click here.

Our Mama makers in the Middle East have also made a black and white keffiyeh shirt for the boy dolls, so your little one can match their "baby" while they play together, available for $59.95. If you would prefer to purchase a doll without clothing, these are available for $39.95.

The dolls are made in Spain of Phytalates-free vinyl, they are soft, flexible to the touch with movable limbs, 32cm in length, and vanilla-scented. They are completely safe for even your newborn to play with.

We hope your children love taking their multicultural dolls on globe-trotting adventures, imaginary and real!